Doors and Passages

Places of entry in various places.

A Door in Puerto RicoOld San Juan, Puerto Rico

Red DoorSouth Street Seaport, New York

_DSC4431Paris, France

_DSC2184Rome, Italy

Exit DoorDumbo, Brooklyn

Dirty doorMontreal, Canada

LouvreParis, France

Unused DoorDumbo, New York

EntreeMontreal, Canada

Exmore DinerVirginia(?)

Escalator at Centre PompidouParis, France

Mets Green RoomFlushing, Queens

DSC_5029Montreal, Canada

Dumbo structureBrooklyn, New York

Steps at the ColosseumRome, Italy

Colosseum PassageRome, Italy

_DSC4398Paris, France

DSC_5867bBrooklyn, NY

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