Montreal, Canada - December 2006

Street signs in Old Montreal

The basilica of Notre Dame de Montreal

Corner store in Old Montreal


Detail of Notre Dame de Montreal





The basilica of Notre Dame de Montreal

Greg Videotapes

View of Montreal from Mount Royal

Observation area at Mount Royal

Beth and Donna get ready to enter the BioSphere

Inside the BioSphere


The descent into the BioSphere

Walking inside the BioSphere

BioSphere interior


Montreal's BioSphere

The exhibit that is Donna

The exhibit of Greg

Museum steps

Bistros on Crescent street, Montreal

Dirty door

Towers of Notre Dame de Montreal

Donna and Greg



Look Up!

Ill graffiti 1

Ill graffiti 2

Ill graffiti 3

Ill graffiti 4

Ill graffiti 5

Ill graffiti 6

Ill graffiti 7

Ill graffiti 8

Ill graffiti 9

Ill graffiti 10

Great food, great archicture and a wide variety of quality art - Montreal's got it all. Oh, and some of the wildest graffiti I've ever seen. Enjoy.
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