Costa Rica - July, 2006

Silvio mans up

The pilots

Aces High


Gulf of Nicoya. Aerial Detail

Gulf of Nicoya. Another aerial detail

After landing


The Domes

From from the Dome

The spider

The beach by Yling Yling Resort




The Shroom


The Lone Horseman

Wide tree

Hey, we're the monkeys

White Faced Monkey

Monkeys look back

Tree mix


Beach by Montezuma








Store in Cobano

Gulf of Nicoya


Signs at Sarchi


Opening the (old) coconut






Lunch at Playa Santa Teresa

Playa Santa Teresa

Playa Santa Teresa


MZ hits the stream






Palm tree detail


Sugar addict






Beth & Donna

Clouds above the Pacific


Clash or harmony

Beach at Montezuma

Five girls at the beach

Costa Rica sunset

Yling Yling Resort

Leaves. Dead and alive

Silvio ponders his next move


Tree detail



Dude, what happened to your car?



Sign by the waterfall


Shooting the waterfall


Beth by the waterfall

After the hike




Montezuma sunset





Entrance to Cabo Blanco National Park



Sil behind the wheel




Cabano, detail


By bus

Coffee plantation on Volcan Poas

Crater of Volcan Poas

Hand next to the huge leaf

Palm tree root

Sweet setup


Gecko posing

Dragonfly on a leaf

Operation Kite

Ylang Ylang Resort

Beach sword fight

Beth on the beach



Montezuma beach

Silvio and Michelle

Donna & Greg

Beth and Alex

Everybody but me

View from the restaurant

Beach by the restaurant






A downward spiral

The wave (caught)

A lonely coconut

Last moment of existance for some footprints in the sand

Path to Ylang Ylang

Entrance to Ylang Ylang

View from Ylang Ylang Restaurant


Sil and Kite

Pink beach







Beth by the Dome





Pool steps

Greg & Donna appear ready for more off-road action


Dome. Interior

Montezuma beach in the morning.

Costa Rica Sunrise



Leaving Ylang Ylang

Boat in Golfo de Nicoya

Back of the bus (Montezuma)

Back of the bus (San Antonio)

Michelle, some car and Silvio


Phones for people of all sizes



Michelle & Silvio

Surprisingly good foosball table



Golfo de Nicoya



Greg ignores the surroundings by listening to funk and reading

MZ (period)


The only other boat

Top of the Peninsular

Leaving the coffee plantation

Massive leaves

The last supper


Looking the other way

Vulcan Poas

Crator of Vulcan Poas

Donna & Greggles in front of Vulcan Poas

Michelle & Sil & the Poas crator


Crater comes into view

Poas panorama

Poas Crater



Almost boarding

Montezuma, Ylang Ylang Resort, Cobano, Volcan Poas and more.
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