Shipwrecked Flyers

Shipwrecked was a series of parties in 2001 and 2002 which took place at New York's The Frying Pan. I was fortunate to not only attend every single one, but to also drop some mixes at a few. Doing the covers was an added treat. Click and expand for larger versions.

shipwrecked_200101January 27, 2001. The first Shipwrecked party. It went well enough for us to decide to do it again. Rus Deep is listed as DJ Deep. The then popular software Bryce was used for the design.

shipwrecked_200104April 20, 2001. Shipwrecked 4 - another one featuring DJ Eleven and Preston Space which itself demands a darker and more cryptic look. (Scanned.)

shipwrecked_200112December 22, 2001 - A few folks would say that this was their favorite Shipwrecked flyer and I might have to agree. Nothing like a nice hot sunset before Christmas. Price went up a little, but this one was my favorites. Unfortunately, I can't find the original file so this one is a scan.

shipwrecked_200203March 9, 2002 - Mark Lewis

shipwrecked_200102February 24, 2001. Back on the ship, not a month later. This would be the only party which featured Vektor Hernan. Come to think of it, it might have been the last time I saw him. The design was done almost entirely in Bryce and serve as the template for a number of future flyers.)

shipwrecked_200105May 26, 2001 - Memorial Day weekend. Supa DJ Dmitry. I remember having to verify the spelling a few times. This was the first Shipwrecked which extended to the Pier and the first Shipwrecked to get a larger flyer. (Smaller versions were printed as well once we ran out of the big ones.) Scanned.

shipwrecked_200201January 19, 2002 - I'll never forget this night. There was a blizzard yet the party was outdoors, in a tent on a heated pier and Luis Diaz dropped one of the best trance sets I've ever heard. It must have been 90 degrees yet we could see thick snow accumulating just a couple of feet away. This one also got a large flyer and a steeper cover. But well worth it.

shipwrecked_200204April 27, 2002 - It says here that not one but two tag team sets were thrown down that night and that rings a bell. Rus and Joe have since tag teamed a half a million times, often as Groove Perverts. But I don't believe that Ara (Agent Orange) and I ever did a tag team set since. Too bad. It was loads of fun.

shipwrecked_200103March 31, 2001. Not sure what's going on with this flyer, other than some cheesy Photoshop filters. The font on the back was actually different but I don't have it at the moment so you get this. Anyway, this was the first party featuring DJ Eleven and Preston Space. A few photos from it are circulating around and it was a good one. The darker sound of those two was a welcome addition.

shipwrecked_200111November 17, 2001 - I guess Shipwrecked took a break over the summer (too hot on the boat maybe?), but returned with Jason Jollins and Agent Roster added to the roster.

shipwrecked_200202February 16, 2002 - The last one was tough act to follow but according to the flyer DJ Keoki was there so that should have made it easy. I honestly don't remember anything about this one. Maybe I didn't go, though I was on the bill.

shipwrecked_200205May 11, 2002 - Taisun and Joe Bond tag team? How could I forget that. Btw, whatever happend to Taisun and Chris McNaughty. Haven't seen those dudes in years.

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