CD/LP Covers

A collection of CD and LP cover designs.

AssemblerCover for the first techno mix I recorded. The artwork features a nice photo of a meditating crash test dummy, which I believe I lifted from an old Communication Arts Photography Annual. Circa mid-1990s.

Turbo Frequency (back)

Funk MatterOriginal design for the Funk Matter EP, which wasn't used for actual release.

Precious MetalsCover for the Precious Metals mixed CD. The cover was rarely used, instead I used a modified version which covered the disc itself.

Present DayPresent Day is (as of this writing) the most recent mix. The cover is based on a nice tribal design acquired from iStockPhoto.com. Speaking of which, I don't claim much credit for this one.

House TrapThe first (and if I remember correctly, pretty rough) house mix. Circa mid-1990s.

EucalyptusAlternate cover.

IncognitoProposed design for the Incognito EP, which was never released.

heat checkI don't believe any of these covers were printed. By the time this came out everything was already MP3 based. Check out this set here: http://www.trak.fm/2009/07/alek-biotic-presents-heat-check/

Present DayAlternate design.

Turbo FrequencyKPT is in the house.

Quentium RelayLots of stuff going on here.

Alek Biotic - DemoOne of many demo covers used when shopping tracks to labels.

heat check (alternate cover)Alternate cover. Unused.

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