A collection of logos I made years ago. Click for a closer look.

GaugeGauge was a record label I was supposed to start. It never happened, though years later I started putting out some tracks for free on trak.fm. (That was after I realized that SoundCloud was the way to go.)

dopevectorDopevector is a term I heard in a Computer Science class in college. I liked the sound and the meaning and bought the domain shortly after. This was one of the many logos I used on that site, and is the most recent one. The font used is Ultimate Survival and it was made by some guy in Sweden. He emailed it to me after I sent him a $20 bill in the mail.

DeprecatedNot original, but meaningful. Get it on a T-Shirt at www.cafepress.com/deprecated

touchedbyadjLOGO_blueTouched By a DJ was an early 2000s DJ management and event promotion company founded by Dave Sigmund. I've done a bunch of design work for Dave, the most popular of which were the fliers for the Shipwrecked series of events hosted at The Frying Pan. Touched By A DJ is no more, but fun memories remain.

DecoyDecoy is a techno track I produced back in 2002. It was never officially released, though its now available for download on trak.fm: http://www.trak.fm/2009/09/decoy/ For some reason I made a logo for it and this was one of the variations.

Turntable logoA proposal for a Touched By A DJ logo

nebulumMain logo for Vektor Hernan's Nebulum label.

Nebulum - logo variations

Nebulum 3Wasn't used.

Cafe DavidThis logo used to have smoke coming out of the "i", but I don't know what happened to it. Anyway, I put it together for fun one day while hanging out with Dave (a pastry chef).

brainAt some point I was a DJ named Brain.

montazMontaz is a handle I used for some IDM-ish recordings. Its the Serbian word for "montage" and the logo features the pronunciation key. At one time or another I had a business card which had a pronunciation key for my last name. I like pronunciation keys for languages which require them. There is no spelling or pronunciation confusion in Serbian - in that respect, the language is perfect.

LXI did some freelance web work over 10 years ago. This was the logo that was on my business card at the time.

Touched By A DJ - Various Proposals and Studies


oddThis is odd... I don't remember this.

nebulum_2Wasn't used.

Nebulum - variationWasn't used.

Hunter Alerts TrackerHere's a real trip - this was a graphic I made back in mid-90s while at Hunter College. HAT was an internal system built by some friends.

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